October 22, 2021

6 REAL Ways to Practice Self-Love – Empower Your New self

6 REAL Ways to Practice Self-Love – Empower Your New self
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Previously, I’ve shared a post about how to develop self love by showing compassion towards ourselves, and moving from negative, brutal self talk to into more positive one.

Which those are absolutely essential in the begining in order to develop the love towards ourselves. BUT today I will talk about REAL ways to practice self love.

Let’s take it to the next level because as you already know, self-love is an endless journey.

When you think “yeayy I love myself, and treating myself like a quenn, finally figured it all out OMG I’M SO HAPPY WITH WHO I AM”

BUT the next day life knocks on your door with a new surprise, and there you are shaken, and don’t know what the heck to do.

So we always learn new things along the way, and of course practicing self-love is a must.

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Forgive Yourself

Let me tell you what I know for sure… You’ve made mistakes, and you will make mistakes. As a result, some will be small, and some will be huge…

Nevertheless, the moment you accept that you are here in this world for experiencing it, and the moment you truely feel that It is totally okay to mess up time to time, you will be able to forgive yourself easily.

You might wonder that what It has to do with self love?

Can you be at peace with yourself without understanding, and accepting yourself? Can you enjoy life, and be happy while feeling angry with yourself?

No, you won’t. Self love doesn’t only mean loving your body, or taking a self care day. You should be at peace with your emotions, with yourself as well.

Most of the time you will build your life from your mistakes, and you will build it pretty well. Be at peace with yourself whatever happens…

Choose Who to Hang Out With

You might seem totally an a..hole from outside, but It is important to care for your mental health, and energy.

Some people won’t get to know you, simply because you know how to protect your emotions, right?

Self love also means keep away people who lower your mood.

Your people should be uplifting you, encourage you often, and you should learn from them as much as you teach them. Thus do not allow people to get near you who make you constantly fall back. You should always aim UP. Undoubtedly, this is an important way to expand ourselves.

Kiss Yourself

Yeaay! What, Why? Are you crazy? 😯

Yeaa It sounds weird, but actually I wanna know that am I the only weirdo (‘weirdo’ a nice word to me) who kissies her arm, and says I love you. ( Comment below If you do it as well, or thinking to give it a try xoxo )

It is a way of showing compassion for me. When I do that It feels like you know “I’ve got my back whatever happens, I am here for me.”

I feel secure, and at peace as well.

If you’ve never done it, give it a few try until it feels natural to you.

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Be True To Yourself

Is there something that triggers you when you see, or hear it?

I will try to be more clear here. For instance, you see someone who gets along with their dad pretty well, and something inside of you bothers in some way. That means you have a wound, and It should be healed.

Be true to yourself, and open up your feelings. No hiding, no suppressing… As you heal from within, you can feel the love for yourself deeper. So make peace with those self-love blocks, or remove them.

When you decide to practice self love, at the same time you decide to make the effort to become your best self every single day. So, don’t be afraid, or get discourage by Its weight. Take a step at a time…. without a doubt, you owe to give yourself the best.

If you are into poetry then you should check this most successful, touching self-love poetry here.

a quote by Robert Morely. Practice self-love

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Stop Puting People On A Pedastal

What is putting someone on a pedastal means?

It means that you admire certain people in an exaggerated way.

It’s like you make them bigger, smarter, cooler in your eyes, thus you start to feel small.

Of course admiring, and appreciating people is not bad nevertheless It shouldn’t be harming your sense of self worth.

Start to see yourself equal. Especially, self-love is also understanding that nobody is greater than you, or lesser than you. Everybody has their own unique path indeed.

When you get to meet your unique self, you will fall in love with your unique life as well.

Our lack of self-love exists not because we are really insufficient, but because we think so. If you can change the beliefs in your subconscious mind, it will be easier for you to create a fresh self.

In this case I recommend you very powerful subliminal mp3 album which walk you through step by step to overcome your limiting beliefs about yourself. Besides, I personally had used this sublimanal mp3 album and It was a blessing for me.

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Don’t Be Afraid to Show Up As Yourself

Think of a crowd, everyone in this crowd is wearing a hat, except you.

At that time, these are probably the things you start to think of:

Why is everyone wearing a hat? Should I wear it too?

You will begin to feel insecure, and actually you will think of getting one. Moreover, you most probably wear one next time.

But in reality you don’t have to…

What I mean by this: the more you dare to show up as yourself, the more confidence, and respect you’ll feel towards yourself, and these are things that are especially necessary for self-love.

Can you imagine a place where everybody is same?

Frankly, I do not want to live in a place where everyone is imitating each other, and everyone is trying to be cool.

I would be happy to see people who are not hiding, and people who are genuine. Most importantly, people who don’t afraid to speak up their truth.

If it doesn’t truely spark your soul, dare not to fit in. Start to value your differences. Own your life!

This is absolutely best way to practice self love.

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6 real ways to practice self love.
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  1. I love this, especially about healing wounds. Sometimes when someone or something triggers negativity, we brush it off instead of thinking about those unhealed wounds. A very wise lesson – thank you✨

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