October 23, 2021

Toxic People: 8 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Them

Toxic People: 8 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Them
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Energy is everything, and people are all about energies. Aren’t They? This is why I am going to give you 8 reasons to avoid toxic people.

We can’t all say: ‘No this behaviour is toxic. I am cutting off that person out of my life right away.” Maybe you don’t even aware of the ımpact of having them in your life, or you are pretty aware, but ignore it perfectly.

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But how far? Will you close your eyes every time when they disappoint you. Will you keep ignore, how they make you feel? Really? This is not fair to you. You have only one life. Only you can make your life enjoyable. One reason should’ve been enough for us to keep those people away, but here It is:

8 Reasons to Avoid Toxic People

Energy Vampires

After seeing these toxic people, or communicating with them over the phone, you feel drained. Thus, you’ll feel tired time to time. Consequently, you might need to sleep to gather up some energy in those times.

You may develop a negative mindset, because usually the people who have toxic behaviours do not have a positive perspective on life. Which leaves you anxious. Moreover, you worry about life all the time.

Don’t let them project their emotions on you by keeping them away…


Usually, they make you believe that your goals are unattainable. Even though, you think all good about your goals, they always find a bad and risky side of your goals, and lay it out.

So that, they are good at discouraging, and stealing enthusiasm.

Also, those people make you feel small. They manipulate you into believing things about your appearance, or your future plans, etc. Although you know what they say is not true, however, you feel a total failure around them.

sorry only good vibes. No toxic people

Talkers Talkers Talkers…

They talk all the time … Yeap, so annoying. if you start to talk about yourself, they will return the conversation back to them. Obviously, these people like to talk about their own lives, and don’t care about others.

Real friends, and partners should make you feel important no matter what.

Although, they don’t care about you in good terms, they still might speak bad about you behind your back. I mean who needs those kind of people right?

They Harm You With Their Jealousy

These people do not like to hear about your achievements, because they envy you. Hence, they may cause you to make awful choises in life. That is right. Until you realize, and say NO, you give them the power to ruin your life.

You Are All Alone in Your Dark Times

They are right beside you when they need you, but when you need them? Yes, if you still keep reading this, you know the answer.

They will take from you often, than they give.

When you step back, and try to avoid them, they will knock your door for attention. If you don’t give them what they want, they will become your enemy that instant.

Wanna spot manipulations and avoid toxic people right away?

A guide to understand manipulation and dark psychology

Control Freaks

They try to control who you can, and can’t talk to. These people want you not to communicate with someone they are offended with.

They think they can make decisions in your life for you all the time.

Sudden Harsh Reactions

They overreact to almost everything. Moreover, they live their emotions in extremes, and have difficulty suppressing it. Therefore, such people have a high tendency to attack, and hurt people.

They Are Accusing

They always choose to blame others somehow. Moreover these people believe that they are doing everything right so that, they don’t admit their faults, because what they truely believe is they are the angel after all. Indeed, these behavior can drive you mad…

A comprehensive research about the place of toxic people in our life.

You don’t have to make any excuses next time, if you don’t want to hang out with them. No is a no. Your decision. However, I know for some of us, ıt is really hard to say ‘no’. You might be scared of the idea ‘being lonely’.

It is a fact that, being lonely is better than being in a crowd who make you feel unworthy. So, don’t answer their call next time. You are free to choose who deserve you, and who don’t. So that, stop tolerating them. Give yourself the value you deserve. Self love and self care are the keys.

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