October 22, 2021

Your Confidence Will Make You Strong -Here is How?

Your Confidence Will Make You Strong -Here is How?
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Everybody wants to walk in a confidence, and shine. So the question is what stopping us from shining?

Everybody has confidence, but we come across with so many stiuations in our life time which break our confidence. Then a time comes, you think did you even have it in the first place.

Yes, you did. Yes, you have. The confidence you are looking for, is within you. You will take it to the surface, and this time you won’t allow anything to harm your confidence.

When we were a kid, our environment was the first, and huge factor in developing our confidence. To be honest it is still a factor.

Your environment can either help you grow your confidence, or destroy it, but you have the power to let it, or not. Not everybody is so lucky to have people to inspire them, and help them to build their confidence starting from childhood.

Maybe you are one of them. I have a good news though. You can nail it. You have the power to build your confidence no matter where you at in life. The decision, and dedication will be your starting point. It’s your call.


When you step in a room, people can tell if you are confident, or not. That means confidence is your first impression. The moment you believe in yourself, the world will start to see you, listen you, give values to your ideas. Moreover, you will attract opportunities, and love. The world will believe in you, simply because you believed in yourself first, and showed up with confidence.

You have to have confidence to achive your goals as well. Let’s say you have a talent. In order to perform your talent, the first thing you need is confidence. Without it, you can’t level up. I am not only talking about confidence on stage. I am talking about job interviews, and whatever you can think of as well.

You will say I know what I do by being confident when you walk, talk, laugh. These are the things that will make you courageous, and build even more confidence to determine your future, and your happiness.

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Challenge Yourself

I want you to jump every opportunity where you can speak up. Whether It is a conference room, a meeting, or a class room. Get out of your comfort zone. Raise your hand, and tell your ideas. Even if your heart begins to beat out of your chest. Take a deep breath. Don’t allow it to stop you. This is the main point, especially, you will not let fear get in the way. After doing this you’ll be proud of yourself.

Self Talk

We have tons of moments that we make mistakes. Can you even imagine what happens if you judge yourself for every tiny mistake you make. On the other hand, we are rather kind to other’s mistakes, but we are so brutal to ourselves. What if next time you choose to be kind when you make mistakes. Can you imagine how It would change most of the things. Hence know Its importance, and don’t use a negative word from now on. Change your mindset. Even in worse circumstances, treat yourself the way you want to be treated.

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Your CONFIDENCE Is Your Dress But…

Your look is so important. Do you feel more confident in your pajamas, or in your dress? To be honest, you can feel so powerful in your favorite dress. Hence, put some make up on. Stand straight, Chin up. Always show up with your gorgeous smile. Don’t forget! It is for yourself. Now you can conquer the world.

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Speak Clearly

The way you speak tells so much about you. Don’t speak on a low volume. People should hear you. When you speak, speak clearly. Try to control your speech by your breath. For this, always use your diaphragm. It will help you say the words by one by without a rush. Also when you’re nervous it will help you to calm down.

Don’t Be Humble All The Time

When you succeed at something, don’t be so humble about it. Learn to take compliments. Know that you deserve it Besides, learn to give yourself compliments as well. Even if the only thing you managed to do was waking up early in the day. You did great. Give yourself credit for every little things. Moreover you are reading this to take a step to change your life. This is huge, and you are awesome.

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Even though, you don’t feel full of confidence in the beginning, be consistent. Practice will take you there don’t worry. You can make anything that you set your mind to.

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  1. I definitely still need help with the speaking up one! Have got to get out of that comfort zone and just try to do what I want to do, even if it’s scary. Great post to read! Thank you 🙂

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