September 28, 2021

How to Change Your Life Around and Be Happy

How to Change Your Life Around and Be Happy
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Have you ever thought to change your life, but you couldn’t find the strength, or the support to do it. You just knew, If you dared to step up somehow, the rest would follow…

First understand the life pattern that society pushes towards us. Understand why the idea of living your life different seems so scary, and most importantly why you can’t think out of the box.

We go to college, we get a job then we get married. While we are living by rules, life is missing out. It is a perfect life plan for you to believe that you are safe. Then you settle for less, serve the life. People think you are happy, because thank god you have it all.

Do you really have it all? Pay attention, people do not ask us: ‘Are you happy?’ They ask us: ‘Oh did you finish your college? Where are you working? When are you getting married?’ As if, life some kind of a to do list. To change the game be aware of the system.

Start to Question Life

If you have been living your life without questioning it, you better off start immediately. Believe it, or not life is out there, and there is more than you know.

The life starts when you stop, and think: Everyone is going to this direction, but what if It’s not for me. What if my path is beyond what people can imagine. Do I have to live my life on a standard? Especially, do I have to live by others rules?

Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life Around

If you stick around with negative emotions. You will get negative results. I am truly saying that you can create your own reality. Hence, train your mind to win. Write down what you want to change. There will be always some steps that you can take.

List them in order. If you ask what is stopping you from taking action, my love, you will always find so many excuses. Instead start with a question like: Where can I start? See, there will be only positive answers, and your main focus will be on the action. If you want to do something so badly, focus on solutions to change your life around.

You were designed to win, but programmed to lose

Lena Kay

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Don’t Confuse Your Feelings With Others Opinion

To be honest, people will always have an opinion about why It can’t work. Don’t let their fears, and negative thoughts get in your way. To be honest, It might be easy to apply these when it comes to people, you barely know. On the other hand what can I say, our loved one’s words touch us deeply, those words hurt us anyways, but once you turned your mindset into a positive one, you will less likely get affected by others. The point is don’t give up, do it for yourself.

I can’t think of how many brilliant, and creative people got discouraged by others, and kept living the same life. Just because it’s safe. I came across with a great story as I was reading a book called ‘ Your second life begins when you realize you only have one’ It’s a bestselling french book. I highly recommend it. The small story was about the frog race. I put the link here so you can read.

a book about your second life begins when you realize you only have one

Start Thinking Out of the Box

Your religion, your lifestyle, the rules etc. are your box. Everyone has a box, and It is a must. The point is thinking out of your box.

Thinking out of the box means thinking what you can do something different. However, the box is so comfy, and safe. There is no danger, because you know what will happen next. If you just follow the rules ıt’s the same everyday thing.

On the other hand, stepping out of your box is so scary. It’s unknown, and you have to create your own reality now. If you read successful people’s biography, you will see that most of them had seen the bottom, but they didn’t stay there for so long. They embraced their box, and look for a way out. So why thinking what you want to do is impossible? The world is miracle itself, so are you.

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