September 28, 2021

How to Find True Happiness In Life In 5 Steps

How to Find True Happiness In Life In 5 Steps
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Can we clearly find true happiness in life?

While living in pure happiness in our chilhood why do we turn into adults who are not satisfied with life? I have an answer to this. As we grow, our expectations grow as well. We suddenly turn into individuals sending wish lists to life. See when we were a child we were taking life as it comes, playing with it, enjoying. So in adulthood we forget so many things…

There is a balance between the real life, and expectations.

So If your real life does not match with your expectations It is more likely for you to feel unhappy.

Most importantly, we have to keep this in mind ‘LIFE HAPPENS’ obviously, We don’t always get to live the life as we plan.

When this is the case, what to do, and where to look for Real Happiness?

Now, I want to share my methods to find true happiness in life.

Appreciate What You Have

This sounds cliche I know, but If you tap into your awareness you will feel in your heart what I mean.

Let’s say, It’s one of the days where you feel like; you are not where you suppose to be, thus your mind constantly wonders around where you want to go, and who you want to be with etc. Then someone approaches you, and proves that actually yes, you will have what you want in a few years, but the people who are with you now, will not be with you then.

How would you feel?

Not that good, right? I mean we don’t understand things value until It’s gone. So I’ve come up with this method to remind myself that; “The time when I watch korean serials with my sisters is so precious. My cat, my mom I am glad to have them, and I am so lucky. So that I know the value of what I have as I look forward to making my dreams come true.

I hope I’m being clear here. Time passes fast, thus make sure when you look back, you won’t regret to not appreciate it enough in the first place. You are surrendered with happiness already. Just choose to see it. πŸ’–

Help Others

Do you remember a time when you’ve helped someone, or a time when you’ve shared your food with an animal.

How you felt?

This feeling is soo warming, and It creates a boost of happiness. What if we helped someone, or an animal every single day. Obviously, our happiness hormon would increase day by day, and we’d become more happier.

I want to mention about a happiness project now.

Jacqueline is a mother, and a social good activist who started “1 give, 1 day at a time” project to spread happiness worldwide. Check her blog out and take a chance to feel, and spread happiness in daily life.

This method is so underrated, but believe me once you start, you will feel the change in your life.

how to find true happiness in life

Take The Meaning of ‘Having Fun’ Seriously

We are crushed under a tons of responsibilities almost every day. Let’s be honest these responsibilities will never come to an end. Shall we sacrifice our happiness? Shall we bury our heads in our work, and ignore the real beauty around us?

We are often say: I’ll have time once I finish this, but we have to take the life easy. The time we got on earth… It has a limit. When you get old, will you remember of the times when you were so serious, and busy, or will you remember the times where you genuinely felt happy. So why not creating more happy memories…

Set yourself a time to have fun. Whatever fun means to you, It might even be reading If It’s fun for you. Most importantly create a time for it every single day.

You sometimes have to get away, and search for happiness. Living is not going after duties, living is being happy inside after all.

Ask yourself the following 2 questions when you feel deeply unhappy

1- Am I forcing myself too hard?

2- What would I do If I wanted to make a change in my life?


Find Real Happiness In The Little Things

Happiness is a cup of coffee, happiness is the kiss of the sun, or the soothing voice of the rain, a warm smile from loved ones, a child’s laugh.

Our brains often perceive happiness as hard to get. Overall, real happiness does not have to be complicated.



Real Happiness Also Means Owning It

The only person who can make you happy is you. Although others can make you happy from time to time, but they are also may upset you. So create your own happiness, and see it as a bonus when someone else makes you happy.

If you’ve read my other posts then you already know that I am such a believer that we can change our life through our mindset, hence I am only recommend products that only can make a difference in your life, by changing your old beliefs. This coming book is one of them. The Happiness Trap: How to Stop Struggling, and Start Living. This book aims you to live in a true satisfaction in life. For more information click on the link, and check the description below.

Nobody wants to depend their happiness on someone else. “I’m not happy because of you. I feel unhappy that you did this. You make me happy, but if you go, I’ll be unhappy” See, this kind of happiness is unreliable, so claim your own happiness

Can people take away your happiness easily?

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6 thoughts on “How to Find True Happiness In Life In 5 Steps

  1. This is such a lovely post. I love the part about finding happiness in the little things, happiness is definitely in more places than we think πŸ™‚

  2. This is such a great post! These are all important points, and I love how you say we should take the meaning of having fun seriously. I couldn’t agree more. Everything has been so heavy, and doing things that make your heart happy is essential right now:)

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