September 28, 2021

Highest Self: Will Make You Understand Your Life Purposes

Highest Self: Will Make You Understand Your Life Purposes
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We are living in a 3rd dimension as human beings. Our highest self is from 5th dimension. Even though It is from 5th dimension, you can connect with your best self, highest self. This topic is highly important on our happiness as well.

In 5th dimension thoughts create reality. It means if you align with your highest self, you can easily manifest your desires. Besides, you can be free from your mind games, and be happier. As human beings in 3rd dimension we have limitations because we live in a material dimension.

All we do is worry about past, or future. Moreover, we have labels for everything. Most of the time we are not ourselves, not our highest self. On the other hand, aligning with highest self requires us to stay in the present. Flow with universe. It requires us to understand that actually we don’t have to be anything. Free your mind from all labels. Remember why you are in this world. Understand, and get aligned. Let your highest self to guide you in this world.



You had a connection with your highest self before. Remember, when you were a child, you were your pure self. Consequently, you were in the present moment all the time. Besides, you had pure happiness, unconditional love.

You didn’t know what religion means, you were not worried to fit in, didn’t have a shape… You had no idea. However, You were looking at the world with your heart, not with your head. This is why you are in this world. To look at the world with your heart, to be happy, to feel love for everything, to spread love. Indeed, this is your only purpose. You just forgot while growing up. But this is okay. You can tune in your childhood, and connect with your highest self again.

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I suppose, meaning of the meditation just got deeper for you. Yes, It’s purpose to make us disconnect from our crazy head, and reach out to our heart. Emptying your mind, staying in the present. just once you did when you were a child.

I want you to sit in silence. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath in, from your nose, and give it out, from your mouth. Pay attention to your breath. Even though thoughts come to you, don’t worry. It is normal. Listen your breath. Don’t let your thoughts control you. Smile, and let them flow. You are love. Your thoughts are love. watch them, but don’t get stuck in them. Imagine a bright sun, spreads its light over your thoughts. Do your meditation for 21 days first. Start with 2 minutes, then put a minute more, day after day.


You may have temporary happiness with material things. But your true happiness is in the nature. It always touches our soul, takes us away from our stressful daily lives, and gives us a peaceful mind. Consequently, We are more connected to our highest self in the nature.

Moreover, you can almost hear It’s saying: Look how magical I am. You are in this world, existing with me. You are magic. Why are you limiting yourself with human fear, doubt, anger, sadness, regrets. You are more than any of this. Leave your mind’s tricks behind, and come join me. You, and me are the same. Just be your self. Your pure self, highest self.


Pay attention to those times when you laugh. Your vibration is so high. Everything is in the flow. You are happy, and more present. Serving the purpose of your life. Moreover, you get in into alignment with your highest self in those times.

No wonder why children laugh more than adults. Try to approach to the world with a sense of humor. Be with people who make you happy. Do what you love. Laugh more. Laughter is contagious. The people around you, will be happy as well, and It reduces stress.


The scenarios that your brain create, those are not real. Our brain is like a computer. There are so many information. Moreover, ıt loves to overthink, and exaggerate every situation till ıt cause you agony. It’s all in your brain.

When your brain starts to give you negative thoughts, stop, and take a deep breath. Imagine your thoughts are like a play dough. Shape them into positive one, on the other hand, you can make a ball, and throw it to far away at any time.

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3 thoughts on “Highest Self: Will Make You Understand Your Life Purposes

  1. Love the idea of being a pure self when we are kids. I see that in my children now, and I hate to think how quickly that vanishes for most of us. Great tips to get it back!

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