September 28, 2021

How to Get Things Done When You are Extremely Unmotivated

How to Get Things Done When You are Extremely Unmotivated
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Get things done when you are unmotivated so that you won’t feel regret later, and I’ll explain how you can do this the easy way.

There are moments when we don’t even want to move our arms. Even though we have a lot of work to do, we stall, delay, and eventually we feel bad for doing nothing…

For the first time, I have been feeling unmotivated to write this blog post, but here I am now… So I am going to write about what have helped me to sit down, and finish the job, especially when I have been feeling like a total mess…

To be honest, I will not recommend you to watch a motivational speech because when we watch these speeches, even though we are motivated at that time, the effect does not last very long.

It is easy to find ourselves extremely unmotivated again unless you do these… So we need more concrete solutions to get moving.

Find Out Why You Might Feel Unmotivated

There must be a reason why you lack of motivation, and once you name it, everything will be easier. There might be a few reason for instance:

1- Feel of Failure: There is a perception that you will eventually fail and nothing will work in the end, so you can’t find the motivation to start in the first place.

2- Questioning Things: You start to find a lot of things in your life pointless so you don’t feel like moving.

3- Impatience: You want everything to happen right away, but there is still a long way to go, and it scares you.

4- Feeling Alone: You think there is nothing to wake up with joy in the morning, so you feel emptiness and this emptiness is getting bigger. This leads you to be unproductive all day.

5- Other Factors: Besides, not having motivation, you might also have anxiety, stress or even depression, and these are huge factors playing in the bacground.

If you know why you are not motivated, you will understand more clearly how to treat yourself. Moreover you’ll know what to do, and you can still spend this period efficiently.

Give Yourself Permission to Move Slow

Usually during this period we often feel bad about waking up late, or for other things we can’t do.

What if you allow yourself to do all this? Allow yourself to wake up late, to move slowly, to keep your mind off of work. So set a time (it can be 1-2 weeks) and allow yourself to feel whatever you are feeling.

In this way, you do not put extra stress on yourself for not being able to move, as well as that, it becomes easier to look at everything from outside, and believe it, even moving becomes easier.

Basically you’ll say “Hey you know what I am allowed to take things slowly for a while, so I can focus on my feelings.

Increase Endorphin

Endorphins are chemicals secreted in your body. This chemical reduces stress, and pain, and allows you to take action. So that before starting your task focus on to increasing this chemical.

Let’s see what you can do to increase the endorphin in your body.

  • Listen to your favorite music
  • Dance ( give it a try )
  • Watch a short comedy show
  • Eat your favorite dish
  • Do what you think might feel good for you.

When the endorphin will be released in your body, you will find strength to do what you need to do.

"Don't let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do" when you are unmotivated

Break Your Tasks Down

There will still be work to be done, so try to do what you need to do in small steps every day without feeling pressure. If you used to spend 5 hours on one task, now take 1 hour or 30 minutes for it. In this way, you still have your progress, even if It is a slow one. Moreover, you may be surprised when you see how easily you start to get things done.

So this method allows you to spend more time on yourself and get things done anyway.

When you regain your motivation, there will be no tons of work waiting for you, or you won’t be angry with yourself for giving up.


Reward Yourself

You might think that how can I enjoy my reward when my energy already drawn. Well I am not talking about fancy rewards.

Just after spending a small time on a task (this might be even taking a shower)

Reward yourself with a good sleep, or just lie down and keep questioning the meaning of life. You will be relieved anyway, for doing what you had to do.

As I said at the beginning of this post, I was feeling unmotivated for writing this blog post, to be honest I am kind of still unmotivated. However, after publishing this post I will try to figure out my feelings. Maybe I’ll sleep, and do nothing for 2 days, but I know that once I recharge my energy, I won’t be thinking about unfinished tasks, and feeling bad again.

This mindset makes me move, even ıf the progress is rather slow. It works for me, and I hope, It works for you too…

There is a book that I’m currently listening on Blinkist. It is about getting things done, and be productive without stress. It mentions about 5 stage workflow to get back in control of everything on your plate.

If you want to check it out, fisrtly, you can listen to key idea for free by scrolling down the page then you can sign up free trial to read or listen the rest. Moreover, you can get access more awesome books by signing up to free trial. If you don’t have time to read there are also bunch of audiobooks, or even 15 min fiction books.

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how to get things done when you are extremely unmotivated
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12 thoughts on “How to Get Things Done When You are Extremely Unmotivated

  1. I love the break down of figuring out why we are unmotivated! Not only are these good tips for getting things done, but It’s also good self-care practice too! Great post!

  2. Totally agree with the tips you mentioned. I listen to music and try to get some self-care in if I’m feeling unmotivated..and sometimes, the only way to be motivated is to force yourself to start doing whatever it is you’re putting off! Haha. Then you can get the momentum going again.

  3. Great article! I think that what is also holding us back from getting things done is a fear of success. We sabotage ourselves because we are worried about how other people are gonna react to our triumph.
    We know that this change may get us to the next level but at the same time, we love the routine and fear anything that is unknown and or potentially uncontrollable.

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