October 22, 2021

How to Love Your Body When You Actually Hate It

How to Love Your Body When You Actually Hate It
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It is always easy to say all bodies are good bodies, but actually I have quiet something to talk with you here. How can you love your body truely even if you hate it? Even if the society seems to against it? How can we all learn to tap into this feeling of love towards ourselves, and being able to say; Look! how I am in love with my body despite the humiliating glances of the world.

Why I’ve said humiliating glances of the world? Because we don’t hate our body in vain. There has been people, internet, commercials which has made us believe that we have to look in a certain way. There are people’s unnecessary opinions. They hurt us, even if we don’t know those people well enough. Simply we are human beings, we can easily get hurt.

Furthermore, let’s look at the acts that you can take in order to love your body.

Learn to Stop Others When They Cross The Line

We already struggle with our body image in our heads, Let’s not also allow people to get in our brain, and hurt us.

Firstly, Let me tell you my experience . Me and my friend we were working at a summer camp last year. It was our first day, and our entertainment manager said something like this;

Merve should gain a bit more weight, and she (for my friend) should lose some weight. He literally used those words out of nowhere. “What the heck… No matter who you are, your title doesn’t give you any right to comment on our appearances.” I was really so pissed off.

It is so hurtful, and humiliating to label a human being with their looks.

Me and my friends we were writing, and repeating affirmations. Especially working on ourselves so meticulously to become more aligned with who we are. And some guy comes along, and destroys it. Without giving a thought comments on how we should look . Then I must ask, by which right?

In a Society That Profits From Your Self-Doubt, Liking Yourself Is a Rebellious Act.

Caroline Caldwel

I am especially speaking to people who have been exposed to hurtful words by others. As a reminder. If you feel sorry for your look based on other’s words. Firstly, learn to say: “what the heck. Who are you to decide how I should look”

It is the issue they don’t know, or simply they don’t care how you would feel inside. thus don’t feel sad over these words, simply because they don’t know how to empathize. Moreover, wish them to become a kind, thoughtful person. By wishing them well, you throw negative energy away, thus you can’t get affected by their words either.

P.S. Don’t forget our voice is very important for us, and for others. Thus, don’t be afraid to use it.

See The Value Of Your Body

Your body has so many special functions separately. Your legs allow you to walk, your breast helps you to feed a baby. What I mean by this is; our body is not something to be ashamed of.

If you were to lose a part of your body suddenly. you would say; what was I thinking back then. My body makes me whole, and I want that part of me back. Thus you should be grateful for what it provides to you.

There are so many people who don’t have legs, arms, people who have breast cancer etc. When we think this way, we should be grateful for our body instead of hating it.

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I love the way I am. Love your body

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Stand In Front Of The Mirror ( An Act to Love Your Body)

Stand in front of mirror, and close your eyes at first. Delete all the beauty perceptions from your mind. Our first intention is making you think that, you don’t have to look in a certain way. Forget all the body images. Eventually look at yourself as if you see yourself for the first time.

It is something unique, you’ve got there.

When I first tried this method. I couldn’t believe how beautiful I looked. Clearly, I saw myself as I am. As a result, for the first time I wasn’t looking at myself with the expectations I had created in my mind for so long.

Whenever I feel bad. I try my method again, and again till It gets in to my brain.

I can say without a doubt now, Every part of my body makes me unique. To be honest I don’t want to look in an ideal shape. What is ‘ideal’ anyways. Who determines it. The word ‘ideal’ not a thing but pressure…

So, every part of your body makes you unique. Don’t try to hide. Don’t speak about it negatively. Own it.

To love your body even more each day try out these powerful affirmations.

Keep Your Motivation Up

You have control over your healthy habits.

If you think you should eat more healthy, and do some exercise. Fine, these are healthy habits. Everyone should do it after all. ( Without feeling any guilt, and forcing yourself towards your goal )

It is so important to love your body while you’re losing weight as well. Besides, taking action with a negative mindset can delay the results you want, or worse It can completely prevent you from getting any effective results.

You can lose your motivation by being negative, and by forcing yourself.

How to Maintain Motivation

  • Choose positive words over negative.
  • Be compassionate towards your body, as well as that don’t force it too much.
  • Learn to move in a rhyme with your body.
  • Tell it kind words.
  • List the things you love about yourself. Always keep your motivation up, and high.
  • Especially when you face with negative people, don’t back them up. Be kind to yourself no matter what.
  • Be friends with people who always lift you up.
  • Everyday do at least on thing that makes you happy.

Show More Compassion to Love Your Body

What about the days, when you lose track of your exercise, or the days you find yourself breaking the rules by giving up eating healthy food? I must say, It is easy to beat up ourselves in those times. Plus, I can’t even imagine the amount of guilt we feel… On the other hand choosing the hard way will gain you more. In fact, If you approach yourself with more love, and compassion in hard times then you can get effective results easily.

it is possible to lose weight just by changing your subconscious mind. Hence, you will find Winning At Losing Weight very helpful! ( subliminal tracks included )

But the real question is: why is it hard to show more compassion towards ourselves?

As women we have a lot of pressure on us. It is hard to be a woman. Actually It has always been… There is a study that shows; women dissatisfaction of their body image is much more than men. Its reason mostly because women are treated like an ornament. Thus All stereotypes for women are embedded in our subconscious mind.

Although our subconscious has been badly affected for a long time, it is possible to change it.

Become aware of this toxic mindset. Always know that there are so many things that make you special. Your body is a beautiful treasure. Love your body more. In the end, we are more than looks.

On the other hand, nobody has to like us but must respect us. Change your perspective, change the game.

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how to love your body when you actually hate it
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