September 28, 2021

How To Make Life Better and Interesting Again

How To Make Life Better and Interesting Again
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Everybody wants to live an interesting life that worth living again, rather than a boring old one, right? BUT it has always been easy for monotony to capture our lives.

Waking up every day, doing the same things over and over again drains our life energy, and pushes us to the comfort zone.

This comfort zone is very dangerous. There is a life outside that has to be lived, to be tried, to laugh and have fun, but our comfort zone demands that we continue the usual things to keep us safe. If we keep staying at that zone, life becomes monotone.

To actually live, and to lead a better, and more interesting life again depends on getting out of your comfort zone, and tasting life. Firstly, you can start doing that by taking small steps. ( These steps might feel out of interest for you, but If you give it a shot you will feel what I mean)

Try Out New Foods That Unfamiliar To You

Our vision do not expand by just reading a book, or watching a historical movie. It also expands in tasting other cultures food for the first time.

Maybe you are not used to Japanese food or Korean food. Try it, and understand It’s not about food, but mostly it’s about steping out of unknown. Especially kind of like walking into a different world.

Move. As far as you can. As much as you can. Across the ocean or simply across the river. Walk in someone else’s shoes or at least eat their food. Open your mind, get up off couch, move.

Anthony Bourdain

Make A New Friend

A new friend means a new life, and a new lifestyle. New friends can bring new aspects of life into your life. On the other hand, They can reveal a part of you that you have never noticed before. A new world always has a lot to add to your life.

Even people you know for a short time can change your perspective on life. So, don’t be afraid to start conversation with those who you feel like you can talk to.

There are many people who I met randomly. If I wasn’t the one who approached, and started the conversation, there would be no great memories now… (Your intuation comes into play here. So your intuition will say ‘yes talk to him/her’ otherwise don’t force anything)

Get A New Hobby

When you get a new hobby, you add excitement into your life. Thus It is a good way to feel alive…

I recently bought a ukelele, and I’m learning to play. But It is not because I think, I’m talented to play, or sing. I’m learning because It is a new thing to me. Maybe It will become my thing. Who knows. Long story short we never know what is for us until we try.

Moreover, trying new things also helps to activate different parts of your brain and It renews you.

a quote about a better, and interesting life again

If you want to make a change in your daily life, but you do have limited ideas on how to do it, read this book ‘I DARE ME’ This book will give you inspiration, and more ideas to live fully by doing something new every day…

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Use Different Ways Of Doing Things

Walking on the same road every day, drinking coffee from the same cup, even if It seems small, trying same methods makes us to live in an autopilot. So how can your life be interesting when this is the case?

Use a different road when you go to work, college etc. Maybe you like strawberry ice cream, but try the one you never tasted before. (Oh, great I want an ice cream now xd)

Small acts will become a snowball affect, and you will start to think: How can I do this differently this time. you’ll see…


Do What Scares You

What are you scared to do?

Your answer is most likely what you have to do, because let’s agree on this; If you don’t do the things that scare you how come you can grow?

More often these scary things will change your life for the better, and make it more interesting, and exciting…

The thing I had done back in 2016 was scary as hell. I sometimes found myself thinking like: “How did I had the guts to do that” But I am sooo glad that I did, because It was my breakthrough…

To live fully, ask yourself what scares you, and do it no matter what… This is the best ultimate advice that I can give…

Let’s start today. Get more ideas of what to do today here.

How to make a better and interesting life again
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