September 28, 2021

How To Set Effective Intentions For A Happy Life

How To Set Effective Intentions For A Happy Life
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Firstly lets talk about the importance of effective intentions in our lives.

Our intentions have a huge impacts in our lives. Setting small, and effective intentions for each day will eventually pile up to bigger things in the future. Obviously, when setting intent, our aim is to take our lives in a better direction.

Imagine all the achievements in your life. They all began with one intention. Without a doubt It is a perfect way to create anything. But…

What if we intent to feel at peace, and be more happy each day. As a result we would eventually falling in love with life.

Think of waking up everyday being excited about what the day might bring. Even so we want to live like this so badly in most case we end up choosing the hard way. But why?

Unfortunately we are so focus on our responsibilities, thus We don’t prioritize our happiness most of the time.

Yes, we all have things to do, but wouldn’t it be great If we felt happy while dealing with them. Besides the power of intention is something that can make us beyond happy. It can change our life indeed.

In Buddhism the intention refers as ‘Karma’. This definition explains the power of intention very well. What we intent, and where we put our energy matters because eventually we choose what we get.

You have the all power to change your mood, your reactions to certain situations, and eventually your life.

Setting an intention for each day means you have enough awareness to guide your life. Ready to set effective intentions?

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Stay Away From This Future Tense ‘Will’

This is where most people go wrong. If your intention something like this: ‘I will be happy today’ as a result your main focus is this: You are not happy now. Using the future tense is not effective way of setting an intention. Let me give you one more example;

I will make money = I don’t have money.

It focuses on lack of something as you see. Instead any of these above, let’s say: I am open to more happiness. I always find a way to feel joyful, and today is my day. Moreover, money is attracted to me.

Effective Intention Examples For a Happy Life

  • I am open to more happiness.
  • I am healing.
  • My life is full of abundance, and I know, more abundance flows to me today.
  • I am worthy of success in my life. Thus, more success on ıts way to me today.
  • Today is a great day.
  • I am so beautiful, especially when I LAUGH
  • I am full of peace. My day is full of peace.
  • I intend to feel better today.
  • I set an intention to achieve ……
  • My heart is willing to see beauty around me.

sometimes the only thing I need is silence. Set effective intentions for the day

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Be Specific On What You Want

If you know what you want, eventually, you will get it. Especially decide on what matters to you with a clear head.

The best time for setting an intention is in the mornings. While sipping from your hot drink, think calmly on what you want to take away from the day.

Do you want to be more energetic? Do you need more serenity today, or do yo want to have a successful day in your workplace?

Need more guidance? The these Crystal Intention Oracle is for you!

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Put Reminders Everywhere

You can use small post-it papers for this one. Write down your intentions, and put them where you can see all the time.

My intention cards are on my wardrobe. Therefore I can easily see them. Moreover, they make me smile, and boost my energy for the day as well. It is one of the best ways to set effective intentions.


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If you can visualize it, you can also have it. This is absolutely an effective way.

It is sometimes not enough to write your intention. Hence, you have to feel your intention in your heart.

After setting your intention visualize that It’s happening. You are living it. See it, listen it, focus on how it feels. How you are feeling…

As a result It will be easy for you to live your intentions.

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Take Action and Maintain Positivity

Before starting on something that matters to you, set as many intentions as you want, but don’t forget to take action as well. Show the effort that is needed.


— Brenna Yovanoff

Setting effective intentions, and maintaining a positive mindset might be hard time to time. Besides, there might be challenges which may push you to a negative mindset.

Your brain loves comfort zone therefore It’s your brain’s job to discourage you. In other words we’re scared of changes. It is easy to do nothing, and keep up with the same way. There is no risk whatsoever. On the other hand If you become more aware of this usual pattern you won’t allow the negative mindset take over you.

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Let Go of Expectations

To be honest there is no need to consider about when, and how It will happen. We did our job and put an intention out there. On the other hand If you start to think about It all day, you will create resistance.

Simply let go. It is already a powerful intention. Let it flow into your life. Know that you are worthy of receiving it in a most easy way. As well as that, don’t doubt for even one second.

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how to set effective intentions for a happy life
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