September 27, 2021

How to Start Journaling For A Better Mental Health

How to Start Journaling For A Better Mental Health
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I guess, almost all of us tried to start a journal at least once, but couldn’t keep up with it. You may think; “It seems fun at first, but gets boring.” That’s because, you are not doing it right. There are some tips about how to keep journaling, which definitely works! but, First let me tell you about:


Keeping a journal will definitely clear out your mind. It will help you to stop overthinking. Imagine a bookshelf that so scattered, then you decide to put the books in order their topics, colors, etc. so that It becomes organized. Your mind is like a scattered bookshelf thus It needs to be orginazed. Journaling exactly will help you do that.

Whenever you have a goal, write it down on your journal. Writing about it, makes your mind more focused on your purpose. Definitely It will make you achieve your goals faster. When you feel sad, or happy, you got your journal. Pour your feelings out. There is no one to judge you after all. Moreover, you can come back, and read all of your experiences at any time.

You will see the moments that has touched your heart. How darkest days has turned into light. How many times you have believed love^^ Journaling will give the courage, and hope when you need it. Along with this, It will help you to understand your mental state better, and improve yourself faster.

Memories… Yeap this is obvious… You will have your life in front of you. It is an awesome feeling to live every moments again, and again. You might even consider it turning in to a book who knows!

5 Tips How To Start Journaling

Best Time For Journaling

There is no perfect time for journaling.

If you don’t like writing everyday. It’s okay. Do it when an important thing happens for you. I accumulate the moments in my life, and write about them whenever I am in a bad mood. Because I feel better after writing. You can do that as well.

On the other hand, If you try to journal every single day It will get boring. So keep doing it whenever you ‘need’ it.

How to Keep a Journal

It doesn’t have to be ‘Oh diary, I went to college today’ No! No matter ıf It’s a diary, or a journal for only setting goals. This is always where you get stuck, and give up on writing. It should be intimate…

Pour out your emotions as if you speak to yourself, and mention about important things: your feelings, the advices you give to yourself, failures, achievements, etc. Believe me, you won’t get enough of journaling. and my most important advise is mention about yourself as the third person. You may ask: But why? How effective is it when giving advice to friends, right? That’s why this is more effective method compared to other methods.

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What About The Way You Write

The most important thing is language. Write in a positive mindset. No matter what happens, make sure you don’t complain about anything. Whenever I come across with a situation that makes me sad. I just write like, ” Yes, that thing happened, but it taught me a lot. I am so grateful that I got my lessons, and won’t live the same situation ever again.

Before writing always read the last pages. Since you keep your journal in a positive language; It’ll make you feel awesome, and will give you hope when you need it the most. Isn’t It amazing? Your best version gives hope to you, when you’re in a dark place mentally.

Manifest Your Desires Easily

This is my favorite part, because everything that I have written, has become true! This is crazy. If I want something deeply, I immediately write it down on my journal. Soo…

The most important rule is when It’s come to manifesting via your journal: Don’t write with negative emotions… always be hopeful, and be positive.

You will manifest faster. It is one of the reasons for you to keep writing. Definitely journaling is a spiritual thing. Be careful what you wish for on your journal. It will become true! That’s all. You got it!

Journal options for you.

a journal

Journal Design

It is important to have a journal specific to your taste. This will make you enthusiastic about writing.

You may want to buy a lovely journal that makes you want to write even more.

If you have that right now, What was the last important thing that has happened in your life? What you want to say to yourself, any advices? Go and start journaling now. Lots of love!

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