September 28, 2021

How to Stay Happy – The Ultimate Life Hack

How to Stay Happy – The Ultimate Life Hack
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Are you happy or have you been pretending for so long that eventually you started to believe that you are happy? It is hard to know the difference nowadays.

We open our eyes in the morning, and we’re being told how our life should be all day long. We know how to behave, what’s wrong, what’s not. Sounds not that awful right? On the contrary this is where the problem starts.

Our life is full of stereotypes, so that we feel obliged to settle for less. When this is the case, how come we can stay happy? We think we’re living the life, but all we do is serving it. This hurts me even while writing. All I know is; we should not feel guilty when doing what is best for us to live happily.

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Let your own happiness be your priority in every aspect of your life. So If ıt doesn’t serve you, You don’t have to go to college right after high school. It doesn’t make you a failure after all. You don’t have to be married in your 30’s. Besides, you don’t have to have kids, if you don’t want to.

Moreover, your body doesn’t have to look in a certain way to be ‘considered’ beautiful. Eventually, Choosing what’s best for you doesn’t make you gross. When we were born, we didn’t know about all these nonsense anyways. So why trying to fit, when our needs are different.

What to Do in Order To Stay Happy?

Release The Pressure

There are many young people who are anxious, stressed, and depressed all the time. But, why?

The main reason is most of us are get affected by other’s thoughts, thus, we have so much pressure on us.

Failure if you don’t finish school at a certain age. Failure if you don’t study at the best university, or if you don’t graduate on time. Moreover, if you work in a job that society doesn’t respect… ( Even If you like it )

You stay happy as long as you listen to the voice of your own heart and don’t let people drown it out

Release the pressure. Understand life doesn’t have to be in a certain way.

Dare to use your own way.

Spend Time With Open-Minded People

We become happier and more confident individuals when there are people around us to support us. To stay happy, stay away from people who belittle you, and your dreams.

Don’t mention about your future plans to anybody. Only tell those, who will appreciate, and support you.

Chase Your Dreams

Do you want to be happy and stay that way?

Then, chase your dreams no matter what. Get the privilege of saying “I am living my own way” You are a prove of miracles, by simply existing already. Not to mention, you can achive anything, So that, live for yourself.

When you follow your own dreams, that wonderful feeling makes you feel alive… You even might cry out of happiness…

Be Your Life Leader

Be a leader. Even if you mess it up, you won’t be so sad believe me, because you chose it for you. It’s better making mistakes, and take responsibilty for it, rather than living a life by other’s decisions, and regreting it for a lifetime.

Take risks. All you need is courage. Being your life leader sounds super cool, and exciting, but It also darn scary, but knowing the control of it in your hands makes you powerful. Moreover you know that If something makes you unhappy, you can dare to change it.

Remember It is not selfish to do what’s best for you. besides, you can’t please everyone all the time.

Close your eyes, and delete the sky in your mind for 30 seconds, and then open your eyes, look at the sky. How astonishing it is. How extraordinary. You see it everyday. That’s why you think it’s ordinary, but it is not. Moreover, Look into your life the same way. You are the sky who deserves a unique look.

Imagine there is no labels. No patterns. What would your life look like?

Don’t let anybody to discourage you. You know what will work for you.



The things You Don’t Have ‘Any’ Control Over

Develop a different perspective on things that are beyond your control. If you have no control over an event that makes you unhappy, write down what the topic has brought you right now. (strength, resilience) find something positive that it brings to you, and your life then think about how that positive feature will help you in the future.

You might not see any of Its benefits right now, but there are some… believe me, and It will help you in the future.

a book about the happiness project

Research on worldwide happiness

If you are unhappy, take this post as a wake up call. Life has so many possibilities. Don’t be afraid to think big. Make your choices, live a life that you build. Eventually, this is what happiness called.

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