October 22, 2021

How to Stop Caring What Others Think of You

How to Stop Caring What Others Think of You
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What triggers us to care about what others think of us? Is it possible to stop caring immediately?

Caring is a nature of human being. We want to be liked and feel important Our loved one’s opinions important for us, and It is helpful for us to see things clearly, but what if we care a lot about people’s opinions in general. It becomes a huge problem when it starts to affect your decisions in every aspect of your life, confidence and eventually your mental health.

We care a lot when we have our insecurities, self love issues. Our brain keeps saying; ‘You are not good enough, They are better than you’ That’s why we seek approval. We desire to be liked. That voice inside of our head, judges us more than anyone else. It judges the way you walk, speak, dress up etc. It is a torture, isn’t it? Let’s see, what happens when you care too much.

What Happens When We Care Too Much – Stop Caring


You are a human being with power, but the second you worry about other’s opinions, your power belongs to them. How can you carry on while doubting yourself? Questioning every move you make will not take you forward because you are not sure; if it is the right step or is a good step!


You get more uncomfortable in your skin. In a full of crowd, caring a lot makes you scared to speak up. ‘What if you say something wrong? What if they don’t agree? The more you try to get approval, the more you’ll get away from your true self.


Which is the worst thing to happen. In this phase you give value other’s choices than yours. People take advantage of you, because ‘No’ is an unfamiliar word with you. You may end up doing things you don’t want to. In order to stop caring, you should listen your needs first.


You can be happy, and sad at any giving moment. Someone’s opinions of you, determines your mood easily in a day. Yes caring a lot is exhausting. They decide which mood you will have today.

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You most likely to give up on your dreams because, simply someone said you can’t do it. If you’re not aware of yourself, believing in your dreams will be hard. This is why caring a lot has become one of our weaknesses.



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Baby Steps

Take baby steps. Start to give value to your feelings. You can do something like: unfollowing a person on instagram which makes you feel bad, or just because you don’t like seeing their post. Delete it. This method’s purpose is for you to learn to prioritize your feelings, and take tactions to make yourself feel better.

Show Compassion Towards Yourself

Do you think others will laugh at you when you make a mistake and see you as weak?

This is because you feel like, you’re weak… It is what you think, and feel about yourself.

So, how to fix this?

Show more compassion than ever, when you make a mistake. Comfort yourself… When I make a mistake ( This might be as small as forgetting to bring a pen to an exam lol, or smaller than that) ( Yeahh I did that…) I comfort myself like: This can be happen, We are human. Don’t feel bad about it for so long, just be careful next time, I love you”

Do not be afraid to make mistakes, but when you do show yourself compassion instead of feeling like you have committed a crime.

Nobody is perfect, and we can’t live without any mistakes. Moreover, It is necessity for our growth.

Prioritize Yourself

The next time someone criticizes you, prioritize yourself in the conversation. Say things like: I want it like that. It is what I believe, what I do ( It’s another way of saying “I don’t care what you say”) You will feel awesome.

As you do this, your self-confidence will grow over time, and you will start to see yourself first, not others

Avoid Being A People Pleaser

You have your own voice, and your own feelings. Think twice before saying yes to something. Also try to understand what you specifically want. Learn to ask “What I really want?”

when someone else has the wrong idea about you don’t try to change it. In most case It’s a waste of energy.

Next time when you find doubting yourself, ask that. Is ıt really what I think and feel about myself, or is it someone else’s thought that have made me anxious?


Listen affirmations for 21 days. After 21 days, It will rewrite your subconscious, and you will become free of your negative thoughts. It is so helpful.

Don’t forget, you taking these steps for you, and keep this in mind, everybody’s so focused on their life. They don’t think that much about you as you think they do. Love yourself a lot. You deserve to be free of your mind, and be happy.

They will talk maximum 5 minutes about you, but you are living this life. Don’t try to please everyone. Stop caring, you will be pleased. 🙂

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  1. It’s hard to accept but I do a terrible job of caring for myself and prioritizing myself. Your post pointed out so many truths that will help me to adjust. Thank you.

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