September 28, 2021

Raising Your Vibration Will Make You Powerful at Receiving

Raising Your Vibration Will Make You Powerful at Receiving
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We all want to maintain a quality life. Hence, The importance of raising your vibration comes into play here, and it requires some awareness. Your energy is everything. When we all on a high frequency, life is more joyful. We are happy, and we make people happy. We attract good things immediately. Opportunities, love and money flows toward us easily.

For instance, let’s say you have a friend, who is so grumpy all the time, and complains about everything. The energy is so negative. You wouldn’t want to spend more time with that friend, because it also effects your mood. The universe is just like that.

Good things barely happens to those who has low frequency because, they don’t appreciate the life in the first place. When slightest inconvenient thing happens to them, they become so unmotivated and stay in that depressive mood for so long. We should be able to lift ourselves up as soon as possible. Listen more, what universe trying to tell you. Raising your vibration will be easy afterwards. You won’t miss out of life anymore.

Raising vibration for a quality life.

Raising and Staying On a High Vibration in 8 Steps?


In the mornings just before you start your day, write 3 things that you are so grateful for. It will be a positive start for the day. What gratitude means to me is being happy with what I have. We are so focusing on the things that we don’t have and, the moment we get the things we want, our minds immediately drifts to the other materials that we don’t have yet. It is an endless cycle.

For instance, let’s say you just bought a new dress, and you loved it, but after a while ( not that long ) your mind will be driven to the next dress that you think you need.

This behavior leaves you unsatisfied, and causes only short happiness. Be aware of this pattern. Be grateful more, remind yourself your blessings often. Either by counting them out loud, or writing them down. I recommend a morning journal. You wake up, and write what you are grateful for. By this way, you will start your day with the right mindset. You will be on a high vibrational level throughout the day.

a gratitude journal


Yoga is one of the best activities that will help your vibration go high. Sometimes I’m not in the mood for yoga, nevertheless I carry myself to the mat, because I know It will make me feel better, once I get on the mat.

If you are not into yoga, that means you haven’t met Adriene. She is so lovely, and will walk you through this journey. She has helped me a lot. Check her blog out

P.s: Drink enough water. Looking after your body is important to your mental health as well as your physical health.


If something that you really want isn’t happening, or you face with a problem. Know it all has a purpose. In most case resisting, and trying to force something in order to make it happen is creating blocks. It lowers your vibration, and creates more resistance.

If something meants to be happen, It will happen, no matter what. If not, let it go, let the universe replace it for the better.

What seems to us as bitter trials are often blessings in disguise

Oscar Wilde

the universe wants only the best for me. raising your vibration


Don’t gossip! It doesn’t help anybody rather, ıt lowers your vibration. While speaking about others, you are saying that your life isn’t important. Instead focus on improving yourself. If you judge, you will live what you’ve judged for – later in your life. It just how ıt works fellas. We are no good than others. We’re all equal and experiencing the life on our terms. Raise your vibration by helping others, and encouraging them to be best version of themselves too.

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If you want to change your beliefs about yourself, on money, or maybe about love. Listen affirmations before bed time for 21 days. You can repeat the affirmations out loud to yourself in the daytime as well. This will raise your vibration. Your subconscious will believe anything that you repeat to yourself. After 21 days, you will become, and act like a new person. 21 days is a key word here.

a book about 365 ways to raise your frequency


Don’t spend time with people who is no good to you. If your energy keeps getting drained by people, and you keep seeing them, your quality of life will drop. Rather choose to spend time with people who motivates you. Believes in you, and helps you to reach another greatest level of your life.


Stay in the sun for 30 minutes everyday. Our mood, and energy is higher on sunny days If we compare to the gloomy weather. Especially, getting enough sunshine on the sunny days will make you think positively, hence your energy will boost immediately.

Your energy vibrates throughout the universe, and it brings you, what you believe. To attract only the good. You should be on a high frequency. Raising your vibration every day will create a new perspective on your life as well. Have fun on that level of frequency. Life will bring you more!

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