October 22, 2021

Self Care is The New Success

Self Care is The New Success
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The importance of self care is a big deal than you might think. Sometimes our life might get so overwhelming. We study, we work, and we worry a lot and we all have challenges in our daily life. Among all these, we should savor every moment. No matter if it’s hard, sad or a happy moment. After applying my self care routine, you will hardly get stuck in life.

Just before asking What’s Next? Stop, and breathe. See how far you’ve come. Rest a while, so when you ask again, what’s next? you will be able to approach everything with more awareness, and with more love… It is a hard thing to do in our busy life. Plus most of the people take it as a selfish move. This is why, self care is the new success.

Take the time you always needed for yourself. Enjoying the time alone, not depending on other’s existence, is important than it sounds. When nobody is there for you. You should be able to take care of your mental health. Sad but true, sometimes life offers us those sour lemons and we just have to deal with it.



The water calms the brain nerves, and helps you gather your thoughts around. Plus you can use some music, scented candles and bath bombs in the shower as well. Feel special, don’t forget, you are important and deserve the best!

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The key word is Alone. You should be able to stay alone for a while. Just cut all the ideas and noises. Those are not belong in your head. Learn to hear your voice. Are you happy? Ask that. All the decisions in your life. Are those really your decisions? Once you get serious about self care routines you will start to see so many questions that you never knew was always there, and let me get this clear; If you don’t know the questions ı can not give you the right answers. So stay alone with your ideas, with your music for a while. You will start to see your purpose clearly as you practice this.

the Importance of Self Care.

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One of the best ways for self care routines, without a doubt, is journaling. Pouring your emotions where no one can judge you, is the best feeling ever. It will make you spot your problems easily, so that you will always know what to do next. Before writing, you feel a burden on your chest, a voice in your mind that makes you anxious all the time. After writing, you will feel relieved. Your mind become clear, and your stress will be reduced.

Imagine you read one of your writings that belongs to 4 years ago, and you are just amazed how things worked out well for you in the end. Then you just know ıt will be fine again. Whenever you are in a bad mood, you can just open the pages and see your accomplishments. Give yourself courage this way.


If you never tried walking barefoot on the grass, you are missing out so much! It really wipes away all the negative energy, and reduces stress. You will feel different. Just give it a try. You can also sit by a tree or cycle. I like journaling in the nature It’s a powerful combination, extra happiness.


Spend time, doing what you enjoy. If you still don’t know what you like, make a list, and try new things. It will give you a fresh look, as if you’ve changed your style. ( changing style is also great idea )


This is a way of saying: ” I respect my body and my mental health ” Consuming unhealthy food all day long makes people weak and vulnerable to other diseases. Since we all know about that: Did you also know if you consume healthy food, you will feel extra motivated and more energetic for the day.


Remember the days you woke up late. Feeling tired, unmotivated, and there was nothing much to do for the rest of the day, right? Waking up early sounds suck, I know, but you can get things done earlier. There will be more time and more energy for the day.

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Once you start to value your life nothing stands in your way. You know the importance of self care, and you are more powerful now, living your life and choosing for yourself. Enjoy every second you have, and don’t let anybody spoil it. You got this!

Last, but not least, Don’t miss out your coffee, tea time! 🙂

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