September 28, 2021

Self Love Is a Powerful Weapon, Choose Wisely

Self Love Is a Powerful Weapon, Choose Wisely
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Are you there for yourself in your messy time, or are you constantly checking your phone, waiting for notifications from your loved ones ? That notification may never end up on your phone. What are you going to do? Let’s talk about self love.

If you lack of self love eventually you will feel more depressed. In contrast, What if you didn’t expect anything from anyone in the first place?

We can’t expect from others to love us, if we don’t love ourselves enough. When you love yourself you are stronger than anyone else, and if you end up getting those notifications, those are your bonus happiness.

The message in here is this. Don’t depend your happiness on others. They might be here today, but you don’t know when they will leave, and when they do, they will take away that happiness from you as well.


Rewrite Your Belief System

If you don’t like your body, well I can say It’s all in your mind.

Look in the mirror. How would you feel if there was no beauty perception?

Leave all the comparing session, and take a unique look. To change your belief system:

Write 6 things that you love about yourself ( 3 for your appearance, 3 for your character ) Do it everyday


Listen self love affirmations for 21 days. It will reprogram your brain hence, your old beliefs about yourself will change by the time. You will become more free, happier, and more confident.

Set Healthy Boundaries

Set healthy boundaries with people who make you feel small, and unworthy. You don’t need toxic people in this progress. It applies to friends, family members and partners. Imagine someone who consistently judges you. Eventually, you will start to do the same. Just like once I did, unconsciously.

There was a person from my environment. According to him I was suck at dancing. But on the contrary, I think I dance well in general, and I am happy when I dance. So I never listened to him, and kept dancing as always. One day I was with my friends from England. One of them said. Merve, you are dancing so well, I wish I could dance too. I replied with “No, I don’t dance well” So why the heck I would say that If I was believing I’m good at dancing.

This proves 2 things:

1. Other people’s opinions affects us. It is up to us how much we tolerate.

2. Repetitive words take place in our subconscious.

Good news is; we can change our whole belief system. I was aware of it, so I took action to change it. Are there people who judge you too?

Here comes one of my favorite books. If you haven’t read this one you are missing a lot!

a book. The subtle art of not giving a

Make Yourself a Priority

Don’t go to a party when you prefer to stay at home. We tend to think what others will say about us. Especially, If we don’t match their needs. We can’t say ‘NO’ that easily. Then we feel like someone just sucked the life out of us.

Ask yourself: Do you really want to say yes to that thing? Will it make you comfortable? Is your mood up to it? Do you know what comes before other’s happiness?

Your happiness, your needs, and It is not selfish to consider yourself first.

Are You Kind When You Speak?

I am not talking about being kind, when we speak to others. I assume we all do that very well. But are you kind to yourself, as you kind to others?

Words determine our future. If you think you are successful, you will be attracted to success, and more opportunities will end up on your way. If you focus on the things that you don’t like about yourself, you will become more insecure. On the other hand, If you switch your mind to only good things, you will heal.

We speak more with ourselves than anyone else. Make sure you use positive words all the time. Even if you did a mistake, be kind to yourself.

“I made a mistake at that meeting, so what? It was an experience. I showed the courage at least, and will do better next time” Be there for yourself, just like you do when a friend of yours feels down.

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My heart is warmer than the sun. Self love

Let’s Talk About Jokes

I see a lot of people who say terrible things about themselves. When I ask them that why they are choosing this way. they say “Oh I am confident because I can make fun of myself. ” But this is a wrong belief. Your brain doesn’t know the difference. It will believe anything you say. Therefore you should choose your words wisely. You will end up believing it anyways.

Self Care

Have a self care routine. When you look after yourself, you will feel much more worthy inside, and out. It is always a great idea to say ‘me time’ yeey!

Show Yourself Compassion

If you are deeply in a healing process. I believe in you. You can beat all, and be the best version of yourself. Healing is a precious thing. You will start to see clearly, become more wisdom, and you will be able to create your own truths. Show yourself a little compassion. Say to yourself: “I believe in you, you are the most beautiful, the most kind person I have ever seen. You deserve better. I love you”

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