September 28, 2021

Stay in the Moment by Falling in Love With Life

Stay in the Moment by Falling in Love With Life
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Are you constantly on the automatic pilot? If so, let’s get you out of there. Falling in love with life, staying in the present moment is not a big deal, but how things always gets hard for us?

We all want a lot of things in life. We get what we want, and that instant we crave for another one too. It never ends. Living like that, is so unsatisfying. We say: “I’ll be complete when I buy this. I’ll be much happier when summer comes.” We live in November but we think of January. Seriously, what is wrong with us?

We constantly tend to get lost in the mediocrity of life. We act the same way every single day, over and over again without feeling anything. Numbness is a familiar word for us. While waiting for better days, there are so many that we are missing out. We are so focus to next, or the the past. We crumple the present moment and throw it to the trash, but there is a good news. You can make your days count again, even the boring ones.

Let the things to be different this time. No matter how boring your day is, you will appreciate it, by staying in the present and eventually fall in love with it.

I deserve to enjoy life. Stay in the moment


Break The Routine

Stay away from routine. Start with small acts. For instance, you can change the way, which you use on your way to work every single day. You won’t be on automatic pilot when you do this. Add newness to your routine.

Slow Down

We think so much throughout the day that we don’t even understand the food we eat, or how we eat it.

We are not in the moment while eating, even watching television or talking to someone.

You don’t want to miss out on life right? So, slow down… When you eat, eat slowly. Enjoy your food. Start to move slow… Look around you appreciate the beauty more often…

A Quiet Morning

If you get up every day just to enjoy a quiet morning, you will feel more focused and peaceful through the day.

In short, you will wake up early to do nothing.

Sit in the sun, and feel the warmth that it leaves on your skin.

Drink your coffee very slowly and enjoy ıts taste.

Close your eyes, and smile.

Set good intentions for the day.

After all these, open a morning music.

Appreciate What You Have

If your mind constantly wanders over your expectations, constantly remind yourself of what you have, and your achievements so far.

I am lucky.

I’m doing my part, thus I don’t have to worry about the future. Everything happens at the perfect time.

I know the value of what I have.

I am enough.

Every day, and every season has ıts own beauty, and I am here to appreciate it.


Meditate. If you are not into meditating, I understand, then just open one meditation record before bed and listen it. You will feel relaxed, and It’ll definitely clear your head.

After a very busy day, I usually let myself to the peaceful music of meditation, and try not to think of anything that worries me, it always makes me feel good.

Pay Attention To Your Breath

When you are cooking and walking on the street, ( or else ) focus on your breathing. It will help you stay in this moment. Moreover, Practice yoga. If you never tried it, It would be a new activety for you. Definitely, Yoga will help you on focusing, and enjoying the moment.

Whenever you zone out, thinking the past. Remind yourself that, you don’t have any control over your past or future. Focus on 24 hours. Take things one at a time. Start from today.

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One of the Affective Ways Which Helps Me a Lot:

This one is the most helpful way for me, and I believe, It will help you as well.

It is a reminder. I am 23 years old, and I only have one day of 10th November in a year. One unique day… If you think this way too, I believe It’s going to be more easier to focus in the present moment, and enjoy the day, because you understand ıts value.

Don’t wait for a better job . Don’t wait for love. Love is here indeed, in this moment. Love is the coffee that you are drinking. The fondness in the smile of a child. Sometimes love is a cat. You have your treasures already. Remember how lucky you are and you will get luckier.

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