October 23, 2021

The Best Self Love Ted Talks That Will Make You Cry

The Best Self Love Ted Talks That Will Make You Cry
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Are you a big fan of ted talks too ? Then you are absolutely in the right place. I’ve gathered up the best, self-love Ted talks for you. You can come back at any time, and listen them again.

Tedx talks are my medicine. Especially whenever I feel myself at a dead end, I watch ted talks. These talks give me hope, courage. Moreover It makes me laugh, and cry. It’s a need for me.

Knowing that there are people who feels what you feel, is such a relief. In a generation where everyone’s life seems perfect on the social media may feel like we are the only one who couldn’t figure out the life. However, in Tedx talks there are people who are willing to be vulnerable. It’s so beautiful, and encouraging. Here the first ted talk;

The Stand For Self-Love | Amy Pence-Brown | TEDxBoise

This talk literally filled my eyes with tears. Amy Pence-Brown is a 40 year old mom, feminist, and a body positivity activist.

Amy chose to stand up to make her voice to be heard so many times, just like the day while she was in a black bikini in the center of the street, blindfolded, dedicated to spread love. Although, she faced so many challenges she got right back up stronger, and more dedicated every time.

“I am at peace with my body, and I have been for many years, and I think you should be too” She says.

Amy’s every word touches millions of souls. Above all, the way She showed the courage, and stood up for herself, and for every women was incredible. How precious must it be to be someone else’s voice. Besides her talk, you can visit her site, and discover more about her ideas here as well.

Searching for love to escape ourselves | Hayley Quinn | TEDxUniversityofNevada

Harley Quinn describes the enlightenment, she has experienced after a bad break up.

She claims that the love we are searching for others are often because we want to escape from our past, and we don’t want to deal with our problems. The idea of staying by ourselves is mostly terrifying. Moreover, we perfectly ignore our needs, and our parts which needs to be healed by seeking romance. It’s a perfect escape, until fairytale fades…

I think this talk resonates for soo many people at any age. When we do not love, and know ourselves enough, our relationships are not strong, and when It comes to an end, we find ourselves in a huge gap.

The main reason for this, we depend our happiness, and the meaning of our existence on someone else’s actions. On the other hand, If we fell in love with our life, and with ourselves in the first place, who would dare to hurt us? We wouldn’t allow it to happen right?

Finally, the decisions she made, and how It affected her life in a good way. She finally understood what love is.

Meet Yourself: A User’s Guide to Building Self-Esteem: Niko Everett at TedxYouth@BommerCanyon

Niko Everett is the founder of Girls for Change. She has been helping women to build there self esteem for years now.

She once was complaining about her life, and jealous of others.

One day her dear friend Julie stopped her, and said: “Niko You need to meet yourself.” She held a mirror to her, showed her true self, and what she was capable of.

We can see Niko, dedicated to be a Julie for all women who is struggling with self esteem. Her main advices are: Find your Julie, and spend time with her/him. Turn up the volume on positive thinking. Tell others what you like about them. Importantly, Help to jump-start their positive thinking, and When you receive a compliment simply say thank you.

What makes the speech more beautiful is Niko’s pure lovely heart, and her ambition to reach more people to help. This talk undoubtedly deserves to be in the best self-love ted talks.

Self Love, be intentional |Caitlyn Roux |TedxYouth@CapeTown

Last but not least.

Caitlyn Roux starts with a question. “What defines you, What makes you, you? Which pushes you think in the beginning. Then she starts to telling her story.

She was defining herself with 3 wrong ways when she was in high school. One of them was by people’s opinions of her. The other one is by her physical image, and 3rd one is, she believed her happiness came from someone else giving it to her. Then she begins to explain her self-love journey.

She says “ Many people believe that self- love occurs automatically, but personal growth has to be intentional.” Which I agree %100.

She ends her speech with a few valuable questions.

These are 4 special, the best self-love ted talks that I’ve chosen for you to save you some time. I hope, you get inspired, and every word will touch your beautiful soul.

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